Technological Transformation in the Global Pulp and Paper Industry 1800-2018 Comparative Perspectives / [electronic resource] : edited by Timo Särkkä, Miquel Gutiérrez-Poch, Mark Kuhlberg. - 1st ed. 2018. - X, 299 p. 23 illus., 13 illus. in color. online resource. - World Forests, 23 0785-8388 ; . - World Forests, 23 .

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Introduction -- 1. Technological Transformation in the Global Paper Industry 1800¬-2015: Introduction; Timo Särkkä et al -- Part I. Research and Development -- 2. The Change in the Global Dominance in the Pulp and Paper Industry; Jari Ojala et al -- 3. From Global Leader to Local Partner: The British Papermaking Engineering, Its growth and the Origins of its Decline, 1800-1939); Miquel Gutiérrez-Poch -- 4. The French Paper Industry Facing a Wood Pulp Shortage, 1880-1939; Louis André -- 5. Technological Transfer and the Spanish Papermaking Industry, 1800-1936; Miquel Gutiérrez-Poch -- 6. Two Paths of Research and Development: Pulp and Paper Industry in Finland; Panu Nykänen -- 7. The Transition to Cleaner Technologies: the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry in a Comparative Perspective; Ann-Kristin Bergquist, Kristina Söderholm -- 8. Natural Potential, Artificial Restraint: The Dryden Paper Company and the Delay in the Technological Transformation of a Canadian Pulp and Paper Sector, 1900-1945; Mark Kuhlberg -- 9. Development of Pulp and Paper manufacture in New Zealand c. 1900 to 1955; Michael Roche -- 10. "Paper-making from eucalypts is absolutely an Australian one": Experiments from 1913-1921; Gordon Dadswell -- Part II. Investments, Regulation and Institutions -- 11. Investments, Regulation and Domestic Institutions in the Nordic Pulp and Paper Industry; Jari Ojala et al -- 12. The British Paper Trade and Market Regulation: From Free Trade Empire to the Common Market, 1861-1960; Timo Särkkä -- 13. From Bulk to Specialization: Longitudinal Analysis of the Seaborne Trade in Pulp and Paper Industry Products; Jari Ojala, Stig Tenold -- Conclusions -- 14. Technological Transformation in the Global Paper Industry 1800­-2015: Concluding Remarks; Jussi Uusivuori.

This contributed volume provides 11 illustrative case studies of technological transformation in the global pulp and paper industry from the inception of mechanical papermaking in early nineteenth century Europe until its recent developments in today's business environment with rapidly changing market dynamics and consumer behaviour. It deals with the relationships between technology transfer, technology leadership, raw material dependence, and product variety on a global scale. The study itemises the main drivers in technology transfer that affected this process, including the availability of technology, knowledge, investments and raw materials on the one hand, and demand characteristics on the other hand, within regional, national and transnational organisational frameworks. The volume is intended as a basic introduction to the history of papermaking technology, and it is aimed at students and teachers as course material and as a handbook for professionals working in either industry, research centres or universities. It caters to graduate audiences in forestry, business, technical sciences, and history.


Economic history.
World history.
History of Technology.
Economic History.
World History, Global and Transnational History.



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