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Zeithaml, Valarie A. (Nombre personal)

Forma preferida: Zeithaml, Valarie A.

Services marketing in a ... 1985: CIP t.p. (Valarie A. Zeithaml)

Services marketing, c2006: t.p. (Valarie A. Zeithaml) p. iv (prof. & assoc. dean, Kenan-Flagler Bus. Sch., Univ. of N.C. at Chapel Hill; MBA & Ph.D. in marketing, Univ. of Maryland)

Profiting from services and solutions, 2014: back cover (David S. Van Pelt Family Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina)

OCLC, January 8, 2015 (access points: Zeithaml, Valarie; Zeithaml, Valarie A.; Zeithaml, Valarie, A.; Zeithaml, Valarie Ann; Zeithaml, Valerie A.; 蔡特哈姆爾 (Zeithaml, Valarie A.); Cai te ha mu er (Zeithaml, Valarie A.); Zeithaml, Valarie A. and others; Zeithaml, Valarie A., 1985- ; Zeithaml, V. A.; usage: Valarie A. Zeithaml; Valarie Ann Zeithaml; Valerie A. Zeithaml; A.蔡特哈姆尔(Valarie A. Zeithaml); Valarie Zeithaml; V. A. Zeithaml; Ph.D. University of Maryland 1980)

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