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_bG56 2011
245 0 0 _aGlobal status report on alcohol and health.
260 _aGeneva, Switzerland :
_bWorld Health Organization,
300 _axii, 286 p. :
_bil. (algunas col.), col. maps, charts ;
_c30 cm.
500 _a"This report was produced by the Management of Substance Abuse Team (MSB) in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MSD) of the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland ..."--P. vii.
504 _aIncluye referencias bibliogr√°ficas (p. 54-[58]).
520 _aThis publication presents a comprehensive perspective on the worldwide, regional and country consumption of alcohol, patterns of drinking, health consequences and policy responses in member states. It represents a continuing effort by WHO to support member states with global information in their efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol and its health and social consequences.--Publisher's description.
650 0 _aAlcohol
_xHealth aspects
650 0 _aDrinking of alcoholic beverages
650 0 _aDrinking of alcoholic beverages
_xHealth aspects
650 0 _aAlcoholism
710 2 _aWorld Health Organization.
_bManagement of Substance Abuse Team.
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